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10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Some of our players from recent games. Join the fun at Time Travel Escapes!
  1. Escaping The West
    Escaping The West
    These first time players are hooked after escaping in time
  2. Lanterns Lit
    Lanterns Lit
    These players saved the nation in One If by Land with their signal
  3. Gladiator Getaway
    Gladiator Getaway
    Victory Is So Sweet
  4. Western Win
    Western Win
    Another Couple Beat the West
  5. Revolution
    Saved the nation (again)
  6. Bested Brody
    Bested Brody
    They surrendered
  7. Western Winners
    Western Winners
    Teamwork overcomes again
  8. Cowboy Challenge
    Cowboy Challenge
    The collaboration shows through in every successful game played
  9. Addicted
    May be 1st timers, but won't be last-timers. Welcome back!
  10. Young escapists save the west
    Young escapists save the west
    The Revolution is next!
  11. Happy Cowboys
    Happy Cowboys
    Got the Best of Brody...Again
  12. The Patriots
    The Patriots
    They are ready to help Paul next!
  13. Nation Savers
    Nation Savers
    Paul can rest easy now!
  14. First Timers
    First Timers
    Will come again!
  15. 4's Company
    4's Company
    Jupiterites with Chicago visitors found their way through the west to save the day. Needless to say, the "bug" has struck. See you soon! :)
  16. Wicked West Winners
    Wicked West Winners
    Saved the day in the nick of time
  17. Family Fun
    Family Fun
    What's Next? One If By Land?
  18. Patriot Fans
    Patriot Fans
    Tom Brady, too
  19. Asta la vista, Baby
    Asta la vista, Baby
    They'll Be Back
  20. Time Travelers
    Time Travelers
    Made it back to 2017
  21. Sweet Victory
    Sweet Victory
    The west is safe
  22. Dennis and Katelyn
    Dennis and Katelyn
    Collaboration Wins Again
  23. The Gang
    The Gang
    Two victories in one night!
  24. Patterson Savers
    Patterson Savers
    With Time To Spare
  25. Kendra & Vinny
    Kendra & Vinny
    Gladiators...For Sure
  26. Western Winners
    Western Winners
    Saved The West
  27. Lehman Cowboys
    Lehman Cowboys
    First Timers - Saved the day
  28. Western Educators Save The day
    Western Educators Save The day
    Limestone Creek Educators Save The Day
  29. Powernets
    These Local Business Owners Saved The West in Record Time
  30. Buyers Edge Team Building
    Buyers Edge Team Building
    This team came down from Connecticut to save all three rooms! Well done!
  31. Local Team Building
    Local Team Building
    These guys all came back to play their second room in One If By Land. They lit the lanterns and save the nation!
  32. Barboni Patriots
    Barboni Patriots
    Rest easy Paul...They lit the lanterns
  33. Lehman Family
    Lehman Family
    View the puzzles from all angles
  34. Sam & Melissa
    Sam & Melissa
    Live For The Challenge
  35. Martinez Manages
    Martinez Manages
    Two Gladiators You Don't Want To Mess With
  36. The Sanchez Team
    The Sanchez Team
    Taking names and fighting crime
  37. Macauley Marauders
    Macauley Marauders
    Great team win
  38. Pallato's Persevere
    Pallato's Persevere
    Another safe exchange in the west
  39. Educators Endure
    Educators Endure
    First timers save the sheriff with time to spare
  40. Jeff & Becky Save The Nation
    Jeff & Becky Save The Nation
    These two patriots were up to the task! Paul gives his regards.
  41. Ultimate Warriors
    Ultimate Warriors
    The latest warriors to get through the arena with time to spare
  42. Piper's Pose
    Piper's Pose
    The youngest Gladiator to clear Flamma's name. You go Pipe!
  43. The Whiddon's Win
    The Whiddon's Win
    With help from a very young gladiator
  44. Escaping Boredom
    Escaping Boredom
    The Harding family relieves their boredom by saving the nation! A grateful new country thanks you!
  45. Fearsome Foursome
    Fearsome Foursome
    Great players can't get enough of these rooms. Two in a row!
  46. Triple Threat
    Triple Threat
    Tim & Tina made it through the third room and are eager for more! Well done.
  47. Erin & Desi
    Erin & Desi
    Proved experience matters in the Gladiator Getaway