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What makes us different?

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Here at Time Travel Escapes we create and build all of our Escape Room games in house. We do not buy pre-made, boxed or licensed games. You will only find these exact adventures here in Jupiter.

No outside knowledge is needed to play any of our games. Everything you need  will be found in our rooms and each clue is only used once. No need for confusion. Enjoy your hour of solving puzzles and completing your mission in an immersive environment.

Travel thru time in style and dress up in costumes to make your Escape even more fun! When you complete your mission, we will take a Green Screen photo with a background from your adventure for you to share with family and friends. Enjoy your Escape for years to come.

Family Owned and Operated by The Dawsons'


With our love and passion for the Escape Rooms Industry, we opened our facility in August 2016. In 2018 we expanded and now have 7 Escape Rooms and 10 games.

2020 will be an exciting year for us. We will be opening 3 new Escape Rooms and 2 Virtual Reality Escape Room Games.

More details coming soon...

"With my background in theatre management and my work creating and running a charity haunted house, I decided to use my talents to create our own immersive Escape Room Adventures. We write, design and build all our games in house. My husband  (a former teacher of 30 years, and an IT Specialist in the Palm Beach School District) and I do all the work to bring these exciting time travel escape games to the community." Jo-Ann

"We built this business to create a place where families and friends can spend time bonding and create lasting memories" 

Jo-Ann and Brian Dawson

Newest Technology in Escape Rooms


We are the only Escape Room in Palm Beach County to bring you the latest technology in the Industry. We have the top of the line Virtual Reality Escape Room using HTC VivePro headsets and gaming backpacks. This allows you and 3 friends to walk freely throughout the room during your adventure. We currently have 4 themes to choose from; Space Station Tiberia, Depths of Osiris, Dragon Tower and the newest game Time Travel Paradox. Do the impossible in a normal Escape Room Setting; play in zero gravity, dive deep in the ocean or slay a dragon. 

National AntiBullying Program
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Official Escape Room of the Girls Scouts of Southeast Florida