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About Us

Learn More About What We Do in Jupiter, Florida

What Makes Us Different?

Here at Escape Rooms Jupiter, we create and build all of our Physical Escape Room games in house. (We do not buy pre-made, boxed or licensed games.) What does that mean?  You will only find these exact adventures here in Jupiter Florida at Time Travel Escapes. 

We are one of the most played and most reviewed Escape Rooms in South Florida with ALMOST 1300 GOOGLE reviews and #1 on TripAdvisor.

We are also the  largest Escape Room Facility and the ONLY Escape Rooms that has both Physical and Virtual Reality Escape Games (plus a Party room that fits up to 30 people.)

Time Travel Escapes

In all of our Escape Rooms Games, no outside knowledge is needed to play. Everything you need will be found in our rooms and each clue is only used once. All of our Escape Room have multiple rooms so you are never bored looking at the same thing during your adventure.

Find clues, solve puzzles, unlock items and complete your mission in an immersive environment.

When you complete your mission, we take a Green Screen photo with a background from your adventure for you to share with family and friends. Enjoy your fun filled memory of your Escape for years to come.

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Family Owned, Operated & Created by The Dawsons'

With our love and passion for the Industry, we opened our Escape Rooms in Jupiter in August 2016. In 2018 we expanded and now have 6 Escape Rooms – 5 Physical Rooms and 1 VR Room with 7 Games. In 2022 we added a Seasonal Escape Room. (This means we will build a new Escape Room Adventure for you every 3 months plus update our other rooms.)  Our plans were to open 4 new rooms in 2023 but instead we opened 7 rooms!! We have created 22 rooms for your enjoyment since our opening date. 

With the success of our Seasonal Escapes in 2023 we decided to continue bringing you a new theme every 4 months for the coming year 2024!

“With my background in theatre management and my work creating and running a charity haunted house, I decided to use my talents to create our own immersive Escape Room Adventures. We write, design and build all our games in house. My husband  (a former teacher of over 30 years, and an IT Specialist in the Palm Beach School District) and I do all the work to bring these exciting time travel escape games to the community.” Jo-Ann

“We built this business to create a place where families and friends can spend time bonding and create lasting memories” 

– Jo-Ann and Brian Dawson

New Vr Technology

We are the only Escape Room in Palm Beach County to bring you the latest technology in the Industry. We have upgraded our VR Equipment to the Oculus Quest 2 Headsets and Controllers. This allows you and 5 friends to walk freely throughout the room during your adventure. We currently have 7 themes(the 8th coming in Jan 2024) to choose from; Runaway Train, Pirate’s Plague, Space Station Tiberia, Depths of Osiris, Dragon Tower, Time Travel Paradox Manor of Escape and LaserBots. Do the impossible in a normal Escape Room Setting; play in zero gravity, dive deep in the ocean, slay a dragon, travel thru time, destroy the Kraken and much more

Oculus Quest 2 VR goggles and controllers

Ready to Begin Your Quest? Choose Your Room Below!