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Help remove the curse by using the gypsies magic to contact the other side!

Quick Details

Player Ages 12+
Child Ages 6-11• Must be accompanied by Adult

The Clairvoyant

The Boswell’s were a caravan of gypsies who traveled throughout the English Countryside giving insight into the past, present and future. When the townsfolk of Yorkshire had a year of bad luck, they blamed the presence of the Boswell family and cast them out. The Boswells had been members of the community for centuries and the family was furious! They decided to get back at the people by putting a curse on the town. It’s been centuries and the family has passed on. After searching for years someone has stumbled upon the wagon. You and your team must find a way to use the Boswells’ mystic powers to contact the other side and have them remove the curse from the town.