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Become One of our Game Masters in Jupiter, Florida

Game Masters Wanted

This is a fantastic, fast-paced and exciting job. We are looking for enthusiastic and fun individuals with a passion for puzzles and the entertainment industry, combined with unparalleled customer service skills.

Job Summary

You will send teams thru our time portal to different eras to complete a mission and ESCAPE in 60 minutes. As Game Master you will be a part of each team while running and monitoring their game at ALL times. Your main role as Game Master will be to provide exceptional service to all of our players from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. You will help create a lasting memory for them for years to come.

As Game Master you will learn how; our Escape Rooms are set up and maintained, each room is played, which hints you will need to give during game play and when to give them, reset each escape room for our next guests, greet and explain game play to all players, take photographs of the teams after their Escape and explain our other rooms to our guests before they leave so they can plan their next escape with us. 

Attention to detail is key! Each team needs to have to exact same experience in all of our escape rooms. You also must make sure our facility is organized and stays clean at all times.

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Qualifications and Skills

These are a MUST!

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Outgoing and respectful
  • Detail oriented
  • Escape Room Player


Please provide a Cover Letter along with Resume and answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a Game Master at Escape Rooms Jupiter?
  2. Which of our escape games have you played?
  3. Have you played any other escape games?

More Information

Job Types: Part-time & Full-Time Positions available
Salary : $13-14


  • 10am – 10pm | Sun-Thurs 
  • 10am – 11pm | Fri & Sat

email resume: [email protected]