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Galactic Abduction

An Immersive Experience

Quick Details




Player Ages 12+
Child Ages 6-11• Must be accompanied by Adult

Take a ride in a spaceship and return the alien infant!

Can you return the alien baby safely?

A crew member from a previous mission thought it would be a good idea to take one of the alien infants back to earth to study him. This was NOT a good idea. If the Aliens discover he is missing it will cause a Galactic War! You must return the baby as soon as possible and fly back to Earth in 1 hour or a war will begin.


  • This escape room in South Florida is like no other! You will be actually flying your ship. Feel the power of the engine, air blasts and the motion as you fly the spacecraft.
  • There is a ride to and from the planet. (The floor is on hydraulics and moves up and down throughout your journey to the Alien Planet.)
  • THERE IS A VERY BUMPY SIMULATION RIDE – If you are pregnant have any medical issues or have any physical (back or neck issues) we suggest that you DO NOT take this ride. (You can still play the game – let our Game Master know before the game so we can remove you before the ride)