VR Escape Rooms

Space Station Tiberia

We are looking for astronauts that are brave enough to complete a mission and go to the Space Station Tiberia. The largest meteor humanity has ever encountered is in route to Earth. It will be impacting the Space Station in 35 minute and will end all life on our planet. You will need to restore functionality to the station. After docking, you will need to reactivate critical internal systems before heading out to the stations's exterior to repair the Anti-Meteor Laser array. Do you have what it takes to help save us all?

Depths of Osiris

We need a team of specialists to help us. Welcome to deep-sea platform Oceanus 5. Our team of deep sea archeologists have been stumped for months after discovering the lost Temple of Osiris. We need you and your team to help us gain access to the temple and retrieve the rumored artifact inside. You have limited oxygen so act fast and help us with this mission. 

Hospital of Horror October 2018

You'll put on your VR headset and backpack and be transported to the Hospital of Horrors. You and up to 3 friends will walk around the abandoned rooms and ride the elevator, but watch out, you're not alone...

This is a SPECIAL HALLOWEEN EVENT. Book now for your VR Haunt Experience.

Watch the Video for a Sneak Peek of your VR Escape

Do the Impossible in a normal Escape Room Setting - Explore Zero Gravity in Space or Dive Deep in the Ocean. Our VR Escape Rooms are NOT VIDEO GAMES! These are Task Based Escape Room Adventures that require teamwork to complete a mission. You will NOT experience any motion sickness. You will be equipped with a VivePro headset, controllers and a backpack with a computer attached. You will be able to walk around the room, interact with each other see all players in the game!